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Why choose Dr. Kyle Orthodontist? Choosing an orthodontist for your dental treatment may often or not come as a difficult task for most people. Whether it is the overbearing options of what orthodontist to choose within your town, the cost, or finding the best care for yourself or family member, these factors can ultimately come as a burden. However, this decision should come easy when choosing Dr. Kyle for your orthodontic needs.

At Dr. Kyle Orthodontisc's, their number one goal is to suite your needs. From the moment you walk into the doors you are greeted by Maria and Debbie who thoroughly and continuously welcome you with a smile and devote their time to you! Through to the consultation and beginning of treatment it is comforting and inviting.

I have been a client of Dr. Kyle's Orthodontist for almost two years now and I am currently still in treatment. The precision to obtain straight, well aligned teeth with optimal form and function has been Dr. Kyle and teams main priority. Being in my early 20's it was quite difficult deciding on braces, however, I find myself excited to press the 3rd floor button in the elevator to see their faces.

Thank you to the Dr. Kyle team, your hard work and devotion never goes unnoticed. It is forever an easy decision to choose Dr. Kyle Orthodontics and I hope you find ease in it too!

Dr. Kyle and his staff are wonderful. Appointments are convenient and fit my schedule. The staff is extremely friendly. Great experience!

It was my first visit with Dr Kyle and I really liked him. He was very friendly, fast and knowledgable. Everyone is very organized.

Dr Kyle & his entire team are friendly and professional. They run a really organized and efficient office.